Pro Media Accreditations


Before proceeding with your accreditation request, please read the following lines carefully

  • PRO and PRESS accreditation requests are open until  July 1, 2020 , no request will be processed after this date.
  • PRO accreditations are reserved for music and entertainment professionals (turners, festivals, labels, etc.).
  • The same media can request several accreditations (one for its editor and one for its photographer for example), for that it is enough to  fill the form as many times as necessary .

To guarantee good working conditions for everyone, the number of accreditations is limited, especially for photographers. The number of photo passes is limited for the same media.


  • The  pass-pro  give access to the festival and the backstage.
  • The  pass-press  give access to the festival, space press and backstage.
  • The  photo passes  give access to the festival, the press area, the pits and the backstage.


If your accreditation request is validated, your PRO or PRESS badge will be issued on site at the Artists reception office.


Media can request interviews through the accreditation form. The times for interviews with the artists will be fixed before the festival. No interview request will be processed on site.

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