Edition 2019

The magic nights of Chalabre in Serenade

Doug Grigsby and Maritri Garett, a Saturday evening under the hall.

The voice of Cassie Mae rises under the vaults of the Notre-Dame church, and in a cathedral silence, each one shares an emotion that words alone cannot translate. With the performances of Gianmatteo and Michela, Liz, Lucy, Maritri, Megan, Shelley, Thaïs, Traciana, Tania and his accomplices, this concert of gospel and soul music was the last and remarkable act of a celebration dedicated to meetings and love songs.

After a successful first in August 2018, the Chalabre en Sérénade festival once again celebrated love songs. From August 12 to 17, more than twenty international professional singers staged their romantic melodies, in the streets, the theater and the bars, as well as on the balconies of the country house. On the initiative of the event, Vinx De’Jon Parrette refers to the musical tradition of the troubadours, born in the 12th century. American artist Vinx calls « lovers and artists from all over the world to make the pilgrimage to Chalabre, in order to perpetuate this legacy of the past ».

Thus and for almost a week, the second edition of the Chalabre en Sérénade festival made the heart of Kercorb beat to the rhythm of romantic melodies, distilled by « professional artists with musical styles as varied as love has faces « . 

Christian MORALES Correspondent of the Independent

The program for this new meeting is established as follows:  August 12, 13 and 14 , musical seminar (Soul kitchen).

 Tuesday August 13 , concert at the Georges-Méliès theater (9 p.m.) Imiangaly and Rolf from Madagascar,

 Wednesday 14 August , closing evening of the seminar, concert at the Georges-Méliès theater (5.30 p.m.), at 8 p.m., catering and street concert at the Café de la Paix (spit-roasted pork).

Thursday August 15  at 4:30 p.m., opening of the Festival at the town hall, singers and musicians will offer « Sérénades au balcon ». At 7 p.m., parade to Lake Chalabre for the annual party, at 7:30 p.m. musical dinner and gourmet market. From 10:30 p.m., big fireworks and dancing evening.

Friday August 16 , concerts at the Georges Méliès theater (5.30 p.m. and 9 p.m.), at 8 p.m., catering and street concert at the Café des Sports.

Saturday, August 17 , from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., under and around the hall, local market, exhibition and sale of arts and crafts, music in the streets, fast food. At 3 p.m., fashion show, at 9 p.m., large free concert in the hall, pop, rock, soul, blues, Jazz, French song, bel canto, world music, on the theme of the love song. After the Jazz club concert at the Hôtel de France.

Ozara Odé

The musicians and singers invited by Vinx and Jennifer, first gathered in a seminar, came Thursday, August 15, to meet their audience, offering to more than 500 people present on the courses, a recital a capela, from the old balconies from the city. This opening found a sentimental extension during the four concerts offered at the Georges-Méliès theater, with a most romantic program, which delighted lovers of the world, also present around the old market hall.

Steward Sukuma (Mozambique) Julien Fert (France)

For the occasion, Vinx D’Jon Parrette, artistic director, and his accomplice Freddy Zerbib, proposed a poster to thrill a parterre which has been rewarded with more than three hours of serenades, concluded by the warm Stewart Sukuma (photo below) -above). With the participation of artists who are citizens of the world, from Mozambique, Madagascar, Argentina, Italy, USA, Canada, Hungary, Germany, Great Britain and France, music and songs will have masterfully offered the place, with feeling and passion. The latest agreements from the 2019 edition of Chalabre en Sérénade still resonate in the streets of the bastide, « Keep well, and see you all in 2020

Crocheted velums initiated by Julie Prochowski

Concert with Bernard Margarit (photo below) and Joyeeta, “Dance music-indian vibes”, accompanied by guest musicians, Sebah and Mawogani, Indiana Carsin, NU Unplugged.

Joyetta Sanyal, Bernard Margarit, Nu, Lionel Tomasi Ricci, Sebah, Freddo and Mawogani

Official opening of Chalabre en Sérénade, on the balcony of the town hall.

Imiangaly (Madagascar) Attila Zavodi (Hungary) Alexis Nicole Jackson (USA), Meggan Chappuis (New Jersey USA) Traciana Graves (Harlem USA) Gray Bashew (Los Angeles) Shelley Nicole Jefferson (USA) Kato Rose (USA) Michela Fattori (Rimini Italy) GianMatteo Gavelli (Italy) Steward Sukuma (Mozambique) Heston Francis (Jamaica) Billy Kent (Los Angeles) Jhonatan Szpekman (Tucuman Argentina) Hanna Kuklis (Hungary) Thais Charley (France) Liz Blair (Vancouver Canada) Julie Michels (Canada)

Fashion show

As part of Chalabre en Sérénade 2019, a great first and a great success for the fashion show under the hall. Back in pictures on an unprecedented event, scheduled before the big final concert. With creations by Mike Sylla, Al-Karim and Oliphil, worn by local and one-day (or more) models.

Al-Karim, designer, Mike Sylla, designer

The final

On Saturday August 17, the 2019 Chalabre en Sérénade festival took a final bow under the hall. A final and final meeting is offered this morning at  10:30 a.m.  in Notre-Dame church, for a gospel concert.

A return in pictures on this closing evening